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Let’s Pull Out the Truth About Lebron

Let’s not always fall by the numbers folks, most of the time in sports the play does all the talking. For example, let’s use Lebon James. Yes, I am one of the millions of people who like to use him as a topic of discussion, mainly because people love to hate the guy but I am a true fan of his. No, it’s not because I’ve played against him in my days of the NBA when he was only in his second, third, fourth and fifth years of his career and knew from the first time he whipped a pass over my head with such poise and confidence that you only acquire as a veteran in that league, with a teammate of mine supposedly hounding him to force a double teamed pass, to only see the pass go to a wide open Donyell Marshall for an deep corner three pointer, in only his second season at 20 years old. A game he finished with a triple double btw.

(that's me on the right obviously out of position)(

(that’s me yelling help)

I chose to talk about Lebron James because he is to me the best example of people failing to understand what truly makes a person not just great, but ahead of the rest. He is to me a great example of how people can completely lose sight as to what they are actually seeing a human being do in a sport full of obstacles to make you fold.

Humans tend to go with the flow, with what is comfortable, with what we can always win with. That tendency follows us into sports as well. We tend to follow the creed, we tend to follow the masses, we have our thoughts within but tend to follow what’s easily accepted. But, what we tend to forget is what separates a Lebron James from the rest.

In sports, statistics are the evident part. How much of this? How many times you did that? What’s his average at this time? How many of these did he win? This embedded thought driven into us by media, friends and the “RESPECTED people” in the sports world, has made us continuously miss the mark on exactly how good some players are and the things that you will never see again from players.

We constantly hear this, “Lebron can’t do this, oh and he can’t do that, oh and he can’t do that either”. It has made columnist famous, it has caused a deep hatred towards Lebron, it has started a revolution against Lebron James, to whereas he can’t sit down and tell people on ESPN where he chooses to go, although ESPN set up the cameras, carved out a space for him during primetime. No!! It’s Lebron fault.

Lebron James is THE PERFECT EXAMPLE WHY WE SHOULD NOT DETERMINE HOW GREAT A PLAYER IS BY STATISTICS. Statistics can never gather the information on how Lebron James, despite being a superior athlete all of his life, developed a basketball IQ second to known. Most players with his athleticism sacrifices IQ for a alley-oop by time they are in the 9th grade. Statistics cannot perfectly show the growth of a person so talented, its a rare field to be able to continue to grow as a player despite being treasured all of your life. Let’s not forget this guy has been labeled the king since the 8th grade, unlike Kobe, Magic, Michael or any other player. This alone sometimes steer players the wrong direction. What really amazes me about him is that I have never seen a player have so much fun on the court, continuously, every game, all the time, practice or game. The reason most can’t understand this particular emotions as to what separates Lebron from almost every athlete in todays games is because most have not experienced the wears and tears of a season, and def have not experienced it on the level of Lebron James. We add those qualities up and we have a very very good player. Now, lets add in the superior speed. Look very closely to Lebron after he scores a bucket, he races down the court on defense just as intense as if he was about to be on the other end of a gravity defying dunk. This is rare in case you don’t understand. This cannot be copied. His on court presence has not been felt since the likes of Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan. I personally think his particular hype has never been felt before on this level. The hatred involved, the media scrutiny, the relevance of social media. I would love to see how some past stars handled these situations because mentally noone has experienced scrutiny at a higher level than Lebron James. His ability to involve every player on the team and raise the impact of his teammates, while being a triple double threat every game has only graced us 2 or 3 other times in the history of basketball. The ability to rise above the obstacles presented his way every phase of his basketball career has often killed careers of players.

These are just a few reasons outside of him scoring any point on the court, winning any championships that separates such special talent from great talent. Many people have special attributes, things that set them apart from others, height and length, IQ but maybe not the speed, jumping ability, hand-eye coordination. But it’s NOT until people fully understand the makeup of someone as rare a talent as Lebron James, Michael Jordan (the pioneer of a particular style of basketball that can be emulated but can never be duplicated), Magic Johnson, Deion Sanders, Serena Williams actually are, only then will we see that the makeup of such a skill level doesn’t get separated by statistics. Only then will we realize that if a player has to defend himself with statistics, then Bernard King, George Gervin, Carmelo Anthony, even Kevin Durant has to be included in the same conversation as Lebron James. A conversation that should never exist.


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