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Don’t Do Bynum Like That!

It has to be a very loud experience for Andrew Bynum in the settings of a losing environment this season. Already a winner in high school then directly drafted into success, we all have to remember that he is just a kid, who entered the NBA at just 18 years old, thrown into a prestigious environment where the actual feel and vibe of the organization was all about winning. This isn’t something that he can move on from easily. But the fact that suddenly they are leaving this talented youngster from Philly for dead and making these book closed assumptions about him “baffles” me.Image

Ok yes, he has to work on his facial expression, his effort and his drive, but this is consistent with a youngster who has been battling two fights with his knees and the mental focus it takes to be on a losing team. Until one goes through this complete change, we don’t know his full potential. I swear the NBA thinks all players have to be perfect and all walk the same path and if one doesn’t then something is wrong with them. Then, hear comes the Media and GM’s and the secret hater with the nails and the coffin.

Don’t do him like that. This is the same guy who was the starting center for the Los Angeles Lakers, who was said to eventually be better than Dwight Howard, and who just two years ago people had a legitimate argument about that claim. Don’t do him like that.  This is still a young kid with plenty of life, who had 2 double double seasons (13 points and 10 rebounds, 15 points and 9 rebounds), had an all-star season and was ready to take off, all while being on a team constantly flooded with talent. He just needs to find his way through the real side of the NBA – the side where games aren’t given, doubt is in the air, struggle is amongst you. I would bet my bottom dollar this is his only struggle.

So I’m not going to believe the hype. I’m not going to believe that he wants to quit and has been a problem in the locker room. I’ll believe he was moping around, unaccustomed to the constant losing air. Let him learn the hard way. These things take a few lonely moments when the kid finally realizes he isn’t the most important person in the world. This comes with time. NBA be patient once in awhile. However, if I was a GM I would be hoping the Cavaliers released him. I would be immediately in the office putting together a plan to land this kid and guide him exactly where he needs to go to succeed with my organization while preparing to receive my Executive of the Year award.